London-born artist Will Vibes is recognised as one of the most versatile muralists working in the capital today, having painted walls, privately, commercially, legally and illegally, for two decades.

Vibes’ style is informed by the diversity of the city he grew up in. Enhanced by a busy graffiti lifestyle, an early love he then expanded on with studies in illustration and graphic design with influences ranging from digital graphics and architectural forms.

His letter work and a love of bringing colour and life back to otherwise monochrome urban environments has seen him responsible for painting a wide range of murals across the UK and Europe. Over the last 10 years, Vibes’ work has been recognised within the gallery world and more importantly by communities within cities, who have benefitted from his art and youth projects in collaboration with major charities.

Will is also the owner of London based creative agency www.anysurface.co.uk



Daydream/Saatchi 2007


They Seek Him Here 2009


Schoeni HK 2009


Forward Motion 2013


TAC London 2016


Moniker 2016